Sunday, December 7, 2014

Makeup Newbies and tries

Left to right: Mac cremeblend blush - something special, Daisy dream - Marc jacobs, Healthy mix serum - Bourjois, Dramatically Different - Clinique


Clinique - Dramatically different moisturizing lotion + is designed for dry combination or very dry skin. This product promises to strengthen skin and leave a silk feel to the face. Clinique states that for best results, to use after Facial soap (Clinique) and Clarifying lotion (Clinique). I loved this moisturizer and found it was great to use underneath my foundation, but due to the silky feel the product seems to take a while to comfortably sink into the skin, which means that I have to wait for a few minutes before applying foundation. I did find that this helped my skin feel smooth and silky, but I was concerned about it making my skin greasy as I have normal skin, and felt like this product was very intense and would be better for people with dry skin. Overall I rate it a 7/10 for people with dry skin.

Bourjois - healthy mix serum, is a gel foundation that promises 16hrs radiance-boosting even, revived complexion. It is vitamin-rich fruit therapy that has an instant anti-fatigue affect. It states that it blends instantly into the skin, leaves a flawless complexion and undetectable coverage. it contains Lychee, Goji berries, Pomegranate and is hyper allergic. I have used this foundation everyday since I got it and found that light vanilla suited my skin the best. I agree that it was very easy to blend into the skin, and when on my skin was very photogenic. When photographed with flash, it can come across very shiny, but by powdering the foundation, this can help a lot. This foundation does last a while on my skin, but definitely not 16 hours like it promises, even when powdered. It is very easy to layer and has a nice dewy finish which leaves the skin looking glowy and healthy. I would rate it a 8/10 for my skin. 

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, is the perfect luminious scent that lasts all day. This perfume contains blackberry, grapefruit, pear, jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria, white woods, musks and coconut water. This scent is very fresh and floral and is perfect for summer. It isn't to strong and doesn't stink out a whole room, like some perfumes can. I love this scent and rate it a 9/10

Thankyou :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch review

Yves Saint Laurent, to have anything from there used to be a total dream in foggy mist. For a New Zealander like myself, faced everyday with the huge mountain of New Zealand price tags I would have to overcome to purchase something as amazing as this, I was a little put off. When I went on my trip to Ladahk, we stopped by Singapore and I visited my first ever Sephora, along with duty free. When I saw that the price tag was half of the New Zealand price, I just had to buy it, so I did!

(This picture does not complement the color, it is much softer)

Once I saw it, I was in love. The gold casing embarked with black ink, called out to me as I wondered the shelves of heaven. Sadly they had know #1 shades left, and I was forced to buy the #2. Luckily for me, the latter did suit my skin tone, but I had previously wanted a lighter tone to give a more highlighted and brightened effect to my skin. Obviously, (if you are a friend of mine), you will know that I am cursed with hideously, apparent, under-eye circles. Because, the rush of airport shopping got to be, I didn't get to look over all the darker a shades, so I didn't notice if all of them had the same undertone that mine did. Luckily for me, my shade #2 worked perfectly with it's yellow tone to help disqualify 85% of the black that seemed to cling to my skin, and the rest was covered up by my usual Mac powder. Due to being a first timer to this first-class product, my experimental practice was much needed. I realized that the best way to get the black from under my eyes to disappear, was to place a line on top of the lowest point of the circles, and (with my ring finger), dab in an up-wards motion.Another awesome way to use this product is one of my newest tricks! Using it as an lip liner. Due to the radiant look, by outlining the skin that surronds your lips, you get a natural and glowing effect. This also makes your lips look bigger and more obvious. Another trick is by highlighting the outside of the shaped part of your eyebrow. This greats a more defined shape and also works as a great brow brightener. I forgot to say that this can also work as a great concealer, just dab your YSL radiant touche, on any problem area, and it will bring a healthy glow to the skin, whilst also hiding the unwanted. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! let me know if you want any different posts, i.e more on India, more of the products I brought, a monthly favorites, ANYTHING!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Well. What can I say? I've been to India of all places. I know it's been a while, and I'm very sorry for that. Oh, and due to school work and study, this may make to be a very dull blog post, but let's dive straight in. 

School finally finished, and about five hours after the gates closed, I was at Auckland airport, meeting with thirty-five amazing people that had decided to venture off to Ladahk- India. Our flights consisted of an ten-eleven hour flight to Singapore, then five hours to Delhi, and then off to Lai where I sat next to a very strange india man and his friends on the very short one hour plane flight which I slept in. As soon as we got out of the plane, we were straight into 6 °, and it was freezing. So then we hopped straight onto the mini bus and journeyed through the foreign land on India.   

So, for a few days we sat around in our little 'hotel' and got used to the altitude. Seeing as we were sitting at hundreds of ft, altitude, this took a while. We started off by going for little 2-3 hours treks around the village and the mountains. In doing this we got to see the most amazing array of culture. On one side of me would be a bundle of snowy mountains and then I would turn around to look at a clutter of dusty and dry hills. Not only did we see the mountains, we saw the civilisation amongst Ladahk. We walked past Cows and Donkeys that wondered randomly around the paths. We saw women drying their clothing over a fire, and others getting their water out of the ground.

Next we went to Lamdon school and dentist clinic. We sat there for an hour or so getting prepped on how to present and teach the students at Lamdon school how to brush their teeth. Seeing as the students would buy lollies for only one rupee, (US$ 0.017), and wouldn't brush their teeth, they would all have rotten teeth. Seeing as our group went to the class room of six year olds, we needed a translator to get our message across. We found out some pretty crazy things. Most of the kids were terrified to go to the dentist, and I later on learnt why. Whilst our group had gone to talk to the kids, some others had gone to help out and become assistant dentists. When talking to those of us that became dentists, I learnt what bad condition those kids teeth were in. Most of the kids had to get extractions, and Lamdon dental clinic is full of amazing dentists from all over the world that only do extractions as a last resort. I really learnt how little this students knew about hygiene and how much they needed to change that.

On one of our trips to the Leh markets this photo was taken. The strings that hang the multi-coloured material from the tops of the buildings, are called prayer flags. These are a Buddhist belief to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. It is believed that when they blow they spread the goodwill and compassion to others. The flags that are hung at the top of high mountains are very symbolic for this reason, as they are believed to spread a greater distance. I have to say, when I had seen prayer flags and prayer wheels, occupying every inch of every street, I didn't really notice them at the markets. Instead I noticed the culture. The shops that we went into were amazing. We learnt so much about bargaining to get lower prices, (i.e. I got a ring for 800 rupees orginally 1200).

The last part of our journey in Ladahk was an amazing tramp through the Himalayas. I have to say, when I was triple bagging my sleeping bag with fellow tenters, cuddling up to each other, passing around one hot water bottle, and wearing five layers on clothing, I didn't fully appreciate what was going on around me. Everyday we walked and walked. Through snow and sun, it was literally four seasons in one day. Being so high up, was hard for me and I found the tramping very challenging, but now I look back and think about how amazing it really was. Every night, we ate dinner in giant tents, and played cards in our own tents. Every morning we woke up to hot chocolates and tea, (before having to drag ourselves from warmth and un-peg out tents). I meet some of the best people I have and ever will meet. Ladahk, I am truly grateful for everything.

(If you guys enjoyed this, be sure to let me know so I can do a more in-depth post!)

All photography is done by Marco and you can see more photos here 

- Ruby x

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